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How To Make Your Dental Visit Stress Free

Seeing your dentist can be a pleasurable experience or it can be a nightmare. It all depends on your dental health circumstances and your mental attitude toward your dental professionals. If you wait until you have serious dental problems or you are in pain when you made the appointment, your anxiety and imagined stress levels can increase by more than 100 times. Just imagining the dentist drilling in your mouth and creating mental images of excruciating pain you could be experiencing creates negative images of screaming at the top of your lungs. You have already set yourselves up for failure and a very painful day. Your mind screams, "Don't go because I’m going to be in severe pain". This painful situation puts you in a mental state where you want to delay your appointment thus creating even more serious problems. You may be delaying seeing the dentist because of real or imagined pain. By this delay, your tooth pain will intensify by allowing the tooth decay or be damage to become worse.

One thing that can help your mental state is to see a dentist before you have problems. Seeing your dentist for a checkup or cleaning is called preventative dentistry. You can do this by going to the dentist for regular 6-month visits to get your teeth checked and cleaned before you are in pain. Doing the will allow the dentist to find any dental problems early before they become more serious issues and turn into a potential root canals or even worse replacing the tooth with an expensive dental implant.

Dentists also have many tools to make your visits much more comfortable. One thing you can do is start more positive visits by doing more preventative home measures. Start by flossing and brushing your teeth after each meal or snacks you have throughout the day. If you are going to work, take a roll of floss and a toothbrush with you. One tip I learned while watching my favorite TV shows is to get some floss and clean between each tooth. Then during the commercials I go and brush my teeth then rinse my mouth, so it’s clean and free of any bacteria producing food debris.

So the moral of the story to avoid painful dental visits is to do daily dental care and make appointments with your dentist every six months to avoid serious oral health problems. Call your dentist today and start creating a healthy dental life for you and your  family.

Dentistry First Post

Years ago I thought dentists would be extinct due to improvements in dentistry and sealants. But this didn't happen. It actually amazes me about the way many people take care of their teeth and and the things we eat as a society. So many things in our daily are not healthy for out teeth. We get one set and thats it after our baby teeth. Babies start by sucking sugar filled fruit juice and go to be with a baby bottle filled with this. During the night the teeth get a bath in sugar setting them up for cavities and even gum disease. I read an article from Australia about the state of health of small children who are under the age of 6 with serious tooth decay. It was due to diet and lack of regular dental care.

As we grow older many of us do not think about daily maintenance of brushing and flossing. This habit only takes two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening and its still neglected. The diet of an average adult is not so healthy for our teeth either. Our food is fast and high in sugar and fats. Even rinsing our teeth after drinking acidic sodas and fruit juices isn't even thought of on a daily basis.

Its so easy to do daily care of our teeth and gums. Its so easy to avoid cavities and gum disease. Lets all take a few minutes do do daily oral care. Also taking a little time to plan out or daily diet so its healthy for our bodies and our teeth and gums.

Healthy teeth and gums usually means good breath, fewer cavities, and being less prone to gum disease. My opinion is its not being a good parent to neglect teaching our children good habits that take them through life including habits that give excellent dental health. This is my rant for the day. Have a great day:)!